Codes of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Players

All players are expected to:

  • Play the game according to the rules
  • Be sporting towards all opposition
  • Respect the umpires and abide by their decisions
  • Do not get into any antagonism with any spectators
  • Shake hands at the end of the game with all the opposition, whether you have won, drawn, or lost
  • Thank the umpires at the end of the game

Code of Conduct for Team Officials

All team officials are expected to:

  • Stay in the ‘team bench area’ – which is to the left of the umpire on either side of the court
  • Accept the decisions of umpires are final and dissent should not be heard
  • Never criticise the opposition
  • Be sporting at all times

Code of Conduct for Spectators

Teams/clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their spectators/supporters. Teams should ensure that their supporters are sporting and acknowledge good play on both sides

Code of Conduct for Umpires

Umpires must be members of EN in order to uphold their qualification and should provide proof before they officiate within the League, Umpires are expected to:

  • Arrive early and report to Desk
  • Check courts and posts for safety
  • Ensure players take to the court at the appropriate start time or after an interval
  • Umpire fairly and consistently according to the rules
  • Work with the other umpire
  • Never humiliate any player