NAME The organisation shall be called “Walsall Netball League”, hereinafter  referred to as “the League”
AIMS The aim of the League shall be to promote the playing and interest in Netball throughout the area
MEMBERSHIP Membership of the League shall be open to all teams whose players are members of England Netball for the current season
COMMITTEE The League shall elect a President and Vice President(s) at the Annual General Meeting.

The League will be governed by the League Committee which shall Consist of Officers and Committee Members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and Co-opted Members

The Officers shall be:





Committee Members’ posts shall be

Fixtures Secretary


Match and Registration Secretary


Publicity Officer/Officers

Walsall Representative to South Staffs County Committee

DISCIPLINE All disciplinary matters shall be dealt with by a Sub–Committee  consisting of not less than five League Committee Members of the League have the right to appeal on any matter that is put in writing to the League Secretary within seven (7) days of the incident occurring

VOTING Each Member Club shall be entitled to one vote at League Meetings and one vote at the Annual General Meeting

Each Member of the League Committee shall be entitled to one vote per person  at Committee Meetings.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Chair will be the only Committee Member entitled to have voting power and then only as a casting vote.

FINANCE The Hon Treasurer will keep a record of all financial transactions of the League  The financial year of the League shall be the period commencing on the 1st July and ending on 30th June in the following year. The Annual Statement of Accounts of the League, having been audited shall be presented to the  Annual General Meeting

AMENDMENTS League Rules and Constitution will be agreed at the AGM and effected immediately.


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