1. All umpires and players must be members of the All England Netball Association (England Netball). Players of school age must also be members of the AENA via their respective club.
Details for each player including their membership number must be registered with the League prior to playing their first match. Non-compliance will render the player ineligible to play.

2. Fees Payable:

League Entry Fee:
£30.00 (payable by ALL TAEMS)

(To include up to 12 registered players)
Additional Registrations: £1.00 per player
Holding Fee: *                     £25.00 (Payable by all Clubs)
Each team shall pay Match Fees, which will be decided annually by the League Committee and advised for the coming season to members at the AGM.
3.  a) The League Entry Fee should be paid by all teams upon making an application to enter a forthcoming season. Entry to the League will only be accepted if the entry form is accompanied by the due fees.
b) The Registration Form for each team must be submitted before the first match is played and must include FULL NAME and Current EN Membership number of at least seven (7) players.

4. All monies to be paid to the Hon. Treasurer. Cheques to be made payable to: WALSALL & DISTRICT NETBALL LEAGUE. Bank Transfer (BACS) payments also accepted. Bank details available from the Treasurer.
5. Clubs/Teams must be represented at League Meetings.  A fine of £10.00 will be imposed for non-attendance.

6. a) A player can only play for one Midweek team/club and one Saturday team/club.

b) Additional registrations will be allowed at the end of the season at the discretion of the Committee. All new registrations must be registered BEFORE the beginning of a  match and must include the player’s FULL NAME and proof of current EN Membership.

c) A player who plays more than one quarter of a Senior Regional League game is not eligible to play in a Walsall League game on the same day. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action and the offending team will forfeit the match.
d) A player who is registered on any Senior registration form for Premier or above Leagues is NOT eligible to play in the League.

The playing of an ineligible player will result in disciplinary action and the offending team will forfeit the match.
7. a) All games to be played to All England Netball Association (England Netball) Rules.
b) Central Timing will be used whenever possible.

(i)  See Rule 7a

(ii) Any player who moves from one club to another during the season.

No player is allowed more than one (1) Permanent Transfer (PT) in a season.
Permanent transfers from club to club will not be allowed at the end of a season where a club has two or less matches to play.
All such transfers will be confirmed by the Match and Registration Secretary.

8. a) All fixtures to be played on the date arranged, subject to postponement through inclement weather conditions or as directed be the Committee.
b) Matches cannot be conceded.

Teams should not contact their opposition to cancel matches. The Committee will make all communication.

When a club joins the League it assumes a responsibility to provide teams for all it scheduled matches in order to ensure that all disciplinary action will be taken at the discretion of the League Committee.
c) MIDWEEK SECTION and SATURDAY SECTION: All matches shall be played at a central venue or in exceptional circumstances at a court venue approved by the Fixtures Secretary. Any team not on court and ready to play at the stated time shall forfeit the points and
9. a) All games to be played to All England Netball Association (England Netball) Rules.

b)  Central Timing will be used wherever possible.

c)   INJURY TIME (in accordance with AENA Rules) WILL BE ALLOWED in all Section matches. When this occurs, umpires should  (in liaison with the central timekeeper, if possible) take control of timing for the rest of the match.

a)  It is the responsibility of All teams to nominate an AENA qualified Umpire for the day they are playing. These should be notified to the relevant Umpiring Secretary at least seven (7) days prior to the scheduled match. Failure to comply will result in a £20.00 fine plus £2.00 for each subsequent.
Should the Umpire become unavailable to officiate at their nominated time, it is the TEAM’S RESPONSIBILITY to ensure a replacement is obtained. It is therefore essential that the nominated Umpire is aware of how you can be contacted in an emergency.
b)  The qualification of an Umpire is only valid if they are members of England Netball.
Umpires will officiate as directed by the Umpiring Secretary. Umpires will be offered expenses at a rate decided by the Committee
11. All League match cards shall be provided and shall be filled in BEFORE the match commences by the team’s designated representative.
12. a) Each season the League shall hold a Midweek Handicap Knockout Competition at the central venue during the season..
b) The Handicap Knockout Competition is covered by the Midweek Section League Entry Fee,
c) In the Competition, a player having played for a team is then cup-tied to that team for the remainder of the competition. A player must play in at least three (3).
13.  The following  individual trophies shall be awarded each year:

Player of the year: Saturday Section / Midweek Section
Umpire of the year: Saturday Section/Midweek Section
Novice Umpire of the year: Saturday / Midweek Section
The Brenda Bell Memorial Trophy
(“Unsung Hero” nominated by League members)
The Jean Edmonds Special Award: (Overall)

The method of selection shall be decided by the Committee.
All trophies must be returned in good condition to Vice Morris or a Committee Member by the end of February. Any necessary repairs are to be paid for by the team concerned.
14. A basic first aid kit will be kept by the League, but teams are responsible for their own first aid needs.
15. All fines must be paid to the Treasurer within 14 days of notification. Failure to do so will result in the amount being doubled., unless an appeal has been lodged. (Not applicable to Rule 6)
16. Pregnant players may not take part in this League beyond the 12th week of pregnancy.
17. The Committee shall decide on all matters not covered by the League Rules.
Effective from 4th July 2019