Yes, we are back! Week 1 has been completed.

It was lovely to see so many people back enjoying netball on Saturday morning, despite the weather and Monday evening which was prefect for playing.

Thanks to everyone who came and made both sessions overall very successful.

Inevitably, there were a few glitches!! Not unexpected when we haven’t been to the venue for 20 months. New sports staff, unfamiliar with the amount of people involved, new netball courts, and still in the grips of the pandemic.

Hopefully as we move forward, we have ironed out some of these early issues.

Car parking – The new main car park off the main road will now be open both Saturdays and Mondays. Please be aware that there may be other users especially some Saturdays as the school picks up other bookings. Cars should only be parked in spaces provided not on the grass, or in front of gates which may be needed for further access. With the volume of cars with more people travelling alone due to Covid, it may be necessary for some people to park across the road from the school on some occasions especially if arriving a little too early during the changeover.

There are limited spaces behind the school off Gordon Ave, which we suggest in the first instance be used by umpires. Please be mindful of the residents.

Toilets – As from Saturday changing rooms will be open to allow for use of further toilets. Please do not gather in groups in the changing room areas. Little ventilation!

Spectators – Spectators are allowed in accordance with both the League Rules and Social distancing. Umpires have been told if they are not comfortable with spectators standing behind them, they can ask them to stand further away. Our responsibility as a league first and foremost is to the players and the umpires.

Hot Drinks -Several people asked about hot drinks. We are looking to provide this facility soon but probably after the half term break when the weather is colder!!

Thank you for your continuing support as we continue to move forward.

Stay safe.

Diane Holden


Walsall and District Netball League


Players needed

Are you a circle defender?

Do you want a challenge?

Our friendly & long established club needs YOU!

We are currently playing in Birmingham Division 2 (indoors), & Walsall Division 1, & are looking for experienced circle defenders to join our squads & support us to maintain & progress these positions, ultimately to a return to Regional Netball.

We train on Tuesday evenings at St Michael’s CE School, Curral Road, Rowley Regis, B65 9AN. Birmingham home games are here on Saturday mornings.. Walsall games are at Phoenix Collegiate,

West Bromwich, B71 2BX.

Lex is waiting to hear from you!