Midweek Handicap Knockout

The Handicap competition took a new format this year to encourage more entries.
We held a one night tournament and attracted 12 teams. These teams were given a handicap score based on their final League positions
The teams were seperated into two groups of 6, with teams in the same divisions and /or clubs  kept apart as much as possible in an
effort to give teams different opposition
Each team played all other teams in their group and we ended up with a league table for each group.
Barr Beacon topped group A with 4 wins and then a draw with Panthers from Division 1. Barr Beacon Torches from Division 5 took full
advantage of their handicap score to finish second with 4 wins and their only defeat against the Lasers
In Group B Zeus also took full advantage of their handicap score and won all of their group games to finish on top.  Yendys Mercury
from Division 2 won three of their matches to clinch second place on goal average over Division 1 opponents Phoenix Wasps.
In the sem-ifinals Barr Beacon Lasers started with a 2 goal Advantage over Yendys Mercury. At half time the difference between the
sides was still 2. The Lasers held on and even increaed their lead to win by 4 goals.
The other semi-final was a contest by two Division 5 sides, and the handicap started level. At half time both teams had been scoring
and Zeus took a 5 – 4 advantage.  The scoring by both sides continued in the second half but Zeus gradually took command and won
 by 13 goals to 9.
The final was a very close competitive game  Zeus by virtue of the handicap score started 5 goals adrift. They had a very good first half
as they reduced the deficit to just 1 goal by half time. The second half was gripping as the two teams went goal for goal.
At the end of normal time the scores were level and ‘Golden Goal came into operation. The final goal was scored by Zeus to win the
The format this year seems to have met the approval of some teams. Maybe it is the way for the future.