Joining The League

Dear All,


By now you should have registered your Club with England Netball.  Whether you have 10 (or less) or 100+ members, you need to ensure that all your members are “Active” i.e. they have paid their EN Membership.


Diane Holden has sent out an invitation to most of our Walsall League’s Member Clubs, those she could identify and would like to get all teams to “Join Walsall & District Netball League” through the new ENgage System”.


If you have not already done so, can you ensure that you accept the invitation to Walsall & District Netball League in your “Club Profile”.

A number of teams have already accepted the invite but unfortunately you have not created a team!!, so we are unable to view the relevant information.


So what do I do now???


Follow the “Team Management” Guide as per the link below.  This will give you a quick guide. View Pages 6 onwards which will guide you through. This will enable the League to view the relative information, without you having to print and bring along your “Club Roster”.



Info about setting up teams and joining leagues is here


If you have not been able to set this up yet the League suggest you follow the EN instruction for proof of players membership.


ENgage instruction:


Checking membership status

Although the linking functionality is now available, it’s reliant on clubs setting up all their teams and allocating their players to the right teams. It’s unlikely that this will all be in place in advance of the start of your competition so we would suggest that you continue with the process you previously used for checking membership. If you request evidence of membership status to be provided from clubs, we suggest that you request a screenshot detailing ENA ID, Name and EN Member for the individuals. They can get this from a number of areas within ENgage, read this guide to find out how they should do this.


Walsall & District Netball League is committed to ensuring that personal information is held fairly, lawfully and securely in accordance with data protection laws.

For further information see our PRIVACY POLICY which you will find on our website.